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The Cost of Financing

Money getting sucked up to interest.

Have you ever asked yourself this question? “Over the course of my lifetime, how much interest will I pay to borrow money?”

Let’s answer the question by using the averages across the United States[1].

Interest payments add up to enormous amounts.

That's the cost of a really nice house! And you gave it away to credit card companies and banks! Yes, it may seem absurd to suggest that everything we buy should be bought in cash, but look at that number. How much money are you flushing down the toilet every single month in interest? And how will that add up over 12 months? Over 10 years? Over 30 years? Over your lifetime? That's the cost of financing.

And this isn’t an exhaustive list either. What about personal loans, medical debt, IRS debt, and more. Most folks want to limit their tax liability, which is a good thing to take advantage of legally. But how about the one variable that is fully in your power to control: To finance or not?

Pull together all of your statements from any loan you’ve ever taken out. How much interest have you paid and will you pay? Add up the total. How does that number feel?

If you're ready to do something about it, then it's time to start your Monthly Money Plan.

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