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What is Financial Coaching and Why is it Needed?

Most of us have heard about or understand in general who a Financial Advisor is and what

they do. They help you invest your money; purchase stocks, bonds, and mutual funds… maybe an R.E.I.T. or an Inverse Leveraged E.T.F. if you want to flex your financial prowess at a dinner party. You know that there are Estate Planning attorneys out there to help establish some tax savings and plan for passing on your legacy. You have heard of annuities and generally understand life insurance. You may have even run into banking associates who call themselves financial coaches but, in all reality, they are sales people looking to offer you one of the bank’s products or services.

So, what is a bona fide Financial Coach?

A Financial Coach is someone who is in YOUR corner, walking with you every step of the way to accomplish YOUR financial goals. They help you

establish your vision for your finances,

create a system of financial habits and disciplines,

help you craft the roadmap for future planning,

provide information about the financial industry,

and walk with you to achieve your dreams.

Financial coaches are not sales people.

When a financial professional offers to sell you a commission product, a conflict of interest has entered the equation; the product may be top notch and fill one of your needs; the individual offering it may genuinely be attempting to fill that need; nonetheless, the focus has shifted away from you.

A financial coach specializes in YOU.

A financial coach moves you from…

…uncertain to empowered.

…from overwhelmed to in control.

…from dreaming to actualization.

Why? Because this is what we are facing today:

If one of those statistics resonate with you, know that you are not alone and that help is out there. If you don’t connect with one of those stats, fantastic! You are rocking more than one area of your life. But know that more than half of your friends, family members, and coworkers carry the weight of those statistics daily.

While Financial Coaching deals primarily with your money, your personal finances touch every aspect of your life because they are personal. Therefore, Financial Coaching is concerned about the whole person. And the gains you make in your personal finance journey can be applied to most every aspect of your life. Other financial services deal only with your numbers.

If you or someone you know is looking for greater peace in their personal finances, please know that Larochelle Financial Coaching, LLC is here to serve, empower, and be in your corner every step of the way.


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